Custom TAC47 Guns

Our Manufacturing

Tac 47 Industries firearms are perfected through innovation; they are handcrafted by Keith Nel and Chris Matthews. At our facility it’s about the fit the finish and total product. We excel and strive for perfection and we manufacture high performance Saiga 12s, AK-47, AR-15 and many other custom firearms. Using our own innovation, high grade parts and experience we are bested by none.

Making a selection for your custom Saiga Conversion, AK-47 or other weapon is not easy. There are competitors that offer a similar selection. However we feel if you inform yourself with our standard and quality of work it’s an easy choice. We take no short cuts and produce one of the finest Saiga 12 period. There are many imitators; our best customer is an informed consumer. We have built our company on performance, high quality processes and a finished product with over 20 years of experience behind it.

Engineered Innovation

Innovation consists of pushing the envelope with cutting edge product design. Holding true to quality engineering, materials and process with no deviation from tolerance of quality. We are well known in the community,on the forums around the US and overseas for our products and our firearm performance. Our shotguns are used in 3 gun by champions,  by professionals to save life and at home for protection by thousands of people. If you cannot depend on your firearm then it is just a toy. Many of our customers do not have the luxury of experimentation, you can be rest assured when you need it, a Tac 47 firearms will be there to perform with a high degree of reliability.

100% Made In America

 Each having been extensively tested under a wide variety of conditions to ensure performance. Our handguns are used in competition, carry, on the range, and for home protection by thousands of people, many of them law enforcement professionals and industry experts. If you will depend on your firearm as a serious tool, you don’t have the luxury of experimentation. You need to know that your firearm has been proven in the field with a strong track record. We feel there is only one way to reach perfection and attain confidence in a firearm’s reliability, and that is to build many guns exactly the same and test them extensively under a variety of conditions over time. This provides the highest degree of confidence and reliability attainable.

What Truly Separates Us?

What truly separates are the little things or not so little things. We don’t believe in plastic plugs or Screw on, bolt on trigger guards. We don’t believe good is good enough. We don’t believe in spray paint and Barbq enamel. We believe in Perfection Through Innovation. As you may look at many competitors we want you to compare, investigate and learn.  Welcome to the Tac 47 Industries LLC Family.

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