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  1. I placed an order with y’all a week ago and still have not received a shipment notice which is very disappointing. I’ve called several times to address this issue but your mailbox is full, not professional.

    1. Mr. Ramsey;

      We apologize for the delay. We were all at Shot show in Las Vegas. We will take care of the mailbox issue. Thank you for bring it to our attention. We will ship your order today.


  2. What do i need to do to get the right parts. Was sent the (2) M12Ak 10 round clips. I wanted the (2)M12AR 10 round clips. How do i get these back to you and get the right ones?

    1. Mr. Moore;

      We reviewed your order and you ordered M12AK magazines. We forwarded a copy of your order to you via email this morning.

      JTS Cuntomer Service

  3. Are you guys behind on shipping and is the 10 Rd for the it’s M12 AR the biggest magazine u carry , I’ve been to 20 stores nobody carries your brand…

    1. Do you know when your M12AR 10 round magazines will be in stock, or do you know who does have them in stock? Is there another manufacturer that makes magazines that will work in the M12AR of the same or higher capacity that does not require modification or damage to the firearm?
      Thank You

    1. No The M12AK mag will only fit in the M12AK and the M12AR will only work in the M12AR.
      We have both platforms mags in stock and if you place your order today we ship the following day.
      Best regards K

  4. I recently purchased a JTS M12 AR. I was wondering if you sold, or know where I can find a collapsible stock for this. I feel that the one on it is just a bit too long.
    Thank you for your reply.

  5. Can i go to your location in Houston since i luve in Houston to purchase more 10 rd clips

  6. Is the 10 round m12AR on backorder? I asked the same question but you told me they were on backorder but you told someone else a week later they are in stock?

  7. What is the choke that comes installed in the m12AK. It’s not stamped on it and I can’tfind anything about it, tried email your office got no reply.

  8. I own JTS AR-12….the chokes are Remington. No information about use. My question, I use 3in shells with rifled 1oz hollow point slugs. How do the chokes affect Aim? Distance? With chokes? Do I need to remove choke for these shells?

    1. Use the improved cylinder choke that came with the firearm. DO NOT SHOOT the gun without a joke installed. It will cause excessive damage to the barrel.
      You need to get some range time with the gun/slug combination. Start at 25 yards working out to 50 yards and then 100 yards to see how the combination patterns. Rifled slugs were designed for open smooth bore barrels. That is what your gun would be withe imp cyl choke installed.

  9. I want to put a limbsaver recoil reducer on my new JTS m12ar can you tell me if any of the pre cut products fit the stock?

    1. Not that I know of but we can cut your stock tube to be collapsible and you will be able to install a collapsible stock on your shotgun.
      Best regards K

  10. Will the M12AR mags work well with the Panzer AR-12 Pro? And if so, what’s the current turnaround time on orders?

  11. Can I put in a order for 5 AR12 10 round Mags.
    When will they be available again?
    Also what’s up with 20 or 30 round Drums?
    Are you guys going to make them or do you know anyone that is going to manufacture them?

    Thank you,


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