Saiga Auto Plug 2.0



The Saiga Auto 2.0 IS HERE!

The leader in gas utilization and regulation technology, resulting in a major increase in Saiga 12 reliability and longevity, freedom of ammo choice, and convenience. It’s an amalgamation of efficiency and automatic setting free regulation of the Saiga 12 Gas system.

The Auto plug takes the place of the factory Gas Adjustment Plug. It eliminates the need to manually change settings by automatically regulating the operations gas utilization. It maximizes the efficiency of the Saiga 12 Gas system. It helps under gassed guns cycle reliably and also regulates and releases excess gas pressure from High Brass and self defense ammo harmlessly into ambient pressure zone.

For the Auto Plus Installation Guide – CLICK HERE

6 thoughts on “Saiga Auto Plug 2.0”

  1. Goodmorning .
    I am an owner o​f Saiga 12 From Europe – Athens – Greece.
    i am interesting in buying TAC 47 for Saiga 12 but I am not sure that you send the product in Europe- Greece.
    Please, inform me if I can buy the product and if you can send this to Europe – Greece – Athens.
    I wrote here because contact form dont accept my phone number.
    Thank you.
    Kapralos Nikos

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